Mindlock the apartment

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Help Colin escape from his apartment!

Colin’s apartment maze has puzzles, dialogues, and some dry humor waiting for you. A surreal adventure of a special kind.

Meet Colin

One surreal morning, Colin’s apartment door disappears just as he is getting ready for his monotonous job.

The apartment turns into a chaotic labyrinth and some inexplicable phenomena shake Colin’s worldview.

A cryptic message written on the bathroom mirror, a mysterious puppet in his bedroom, and some emotional challenges terrify Colin.

New visitors constantly appear, making Colin question his past, present and future.

Will Colin discover a new meaning to his life? Or was it all just a bizarre dream?

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Mindlock - The Apartment is a modern point & click adventure game. You can expect a lot of dry humor between hard reality and mystical elements.

Available soon on:


Evolution diary

Follow the exciting development of Mindlock from the idea and the first sketches to the finished game.

Project Planning The development of Mindlock – The Apartment is divided into monthly milestones, delivered to my publisher, United Soft Media. These milestones form the chronological chapters of the game. Additional tasks include managing the Instagram channel, creating a demo, revisions, and promotional graphics. At the end of each month, I present the next month’s […]

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From Punk Band to Game Developer My personal journey has always been closely linked to punk. I spent years as the bassist and singer of the band PRANX. A little Easter egg in „Mindlock“: An EP cover of my band adorns Colin’s wall – a drawing by me that dates back seven years. My punk […]

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At the heart of „Mindlock – The Apartment“ is a story designed to captivate and surprise the player repeatedly. Other games, like „Return of the Obra Dinn“, focus their storytelling on gameplay mechanics. In contrast, „Mindlock“ prioritizes a compellingly narrated story to bring out the profound and humorous aspects of the game world, with unexpected […]

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All questions, tips about the game as well as solutions are available in the official Mindlock FAQ at the following link.